Google is making it easier to search images on Google Photos

Google is making it easier to search images on Google Photos

]Google is working on a ‘Filter’ feature that will help users find images on Google Photos faster. As per a tweet by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the feature will be rolled out on the Google Photos Android app. This feature will allow users to search to get the photos they want to see quickly, leading to a refined search experience.

Google is testing the new feature and hasn’t revealed any details about the same publicly. For those unaware, you can search for photos in the Google Photos app through keywords. For example, if you type beach, sushi, dinner, car, pets, etc to get photos related to these keywords instantly. The new feature will simply improve the experience.

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The ‘Filters’ may be tweaked depending on the categories of photos you have saved on Google Photos.

Google has recently introduced Google Lens on the web browser and you can now access the feature by opening Google Photos on any browser on PC. You can use this feature to extract texts from the images that are saved on Google Photos. With this feature, you can directly copy texts from images and use it like any other text file. Google Lens uses optical character recognition (OCR) to enable text recognition. For example, if you click a photo of a handwritten document, using this feature you can directly copy the contents and paste it in a Word file.

Meanwhile, Google is now rolling out a new update to the Google Photos app on Android which includes a new and improved video editor.

The new video editor on Google Photos now allows users to trim, stabilise and rotate videos, similar to previous versions. The new addition with the update is that users can now crop the frame, export individual frames, change perspective and also add filters from image editing tools in the Photos app.


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